If the country from which the document emanates is not a party to the Hague Convention on Legalization, then a more formal process of legalization is usually required. Generally in these cases the document will first be notarized by a public notary and appropriate authorities in the issuing country as proof that the document was issued by a competent official, it then will be presented to the destination country┬┤ embassy or consulate located in the country from which the document emanates. That embassy or consulate will then legalize the document internally, usually by affixing a special stamp or seal.

It is therefore important to find out at an early stage which process of legalization is appropriate.
Legalization simply means confirming that a signature, seal or stamp appearing on a document is genuine.
Countries that are non-participating in the Hague convention require documents issued in a foreign country to be legalized before they can be used in their country.

Countries Non-Participating Hague Convention
Algeria Cameroon Dominican Iran Lebanon Nepal Poland Taiwan VieTnam
Bahrain Canada Egypt Iraq Libya Nicarague Qatar Tajikistan Yamen
Bangladesh Chad Eritrea Ireland Macedonia Niger Rwanda Tanzania Zambia
Benin Chile Ethiopia Jamaica Madagascar Nigeria Saudi Arabia Thailand Zimbabwe
Bolivia China Georgia Jordan Malaysia Oman Senegal Tunisia
Brazil Cango Ghana Kenya Mali Pakistan Sierra Leone Turkmenistan
Burkina Faso Costa Rica Guatemala Kuwait Moldova Palestine Singapore U.A.E
Burma Cote d'Ivoire Guinea Korea Mauritania Paraguay Sri Lanka Uganda
Burundi Cuba Haiti Kyrgyz Stan Morocco Peru Sudan Uruguay
Cambodia Denmak Indonesia Laos Mozambique Philippines Syria Uzbekistan



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